The time of Game of Thrones is long gone now. Until of course, the spin-offs hit our screen. Now, while the final season pissed everyone off, as a whole, we gave that show a lot of love. Now, that it’s over, we should look at some other great shows, shows that I daresay, are better than Game of Thrones

Trigger Warning: Some of these shows contain scenes of graphic violence, racism, nudity and sexual assault.  

1. American Horror Story

This horror anthology treats each season as a mini-series of its own and after 9 seasons, it’s still going strong. It’s unique and it’s very scary. Sure, some seasons are far better than others, but the show as a whole, will definitely not allow you to go pee alone at night. 

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2. The Boys

Blood, gore, sex and millions of rabid fans losing their shit every week the show is on, basically places it on the same tangent as Game of Thrones. But, make no mistake. This is a very different show, one that deals with real-life social issues, while throwing superheroes in the mix. This brutal deconstruction of the superhero genre is unique and has never been attempted, at least on this scale. 

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3. The Handmaid’s Tale

This is not a show for everyone. Adapted from the best-selling Margaret Atwood’s novel. The story is set in Gilead, a fascist state that used to be the USA, where women are treated as broodmares and government-sanctioned rape is a reality. While the show is dystopian in nature, there are times where reality seems far too close for comfort.

It is to be noted, however, that critics have found the show to be using excessive violence to one-up the previous season. So, please know what you’re walking into before you actually do. 

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4. Westworld

If this were a ranked list, this HBO epic would be on top of this list. This futuristic show is set in a Wild West-styled amusement park where billionaires can come in live out their fantasies with seemingly human-like androids. Real people rape, pillage, murder and cause mayhem to the characters of this show for fun. However, shit turns serious, when the androids start developing free will. 


5. The Haunting Of…

The Haunting of Hillhouse and Bly Manor both have been a fresh air amidst the pungent smell, that is traditional demonic horror. Both seasons provide ample drama, romance, action, and horror but with real-world consequences. The horror is psychological in nature and will haunt you long after you’re done watching the show. 


6. Killing Eve

If you hate queer-baiting, you’re not going to like this. The whole, ‘will they-won’t they’ will piss you off. They are not Ross and Rachel. But if you like cool badass women kicking ass all over Europe, this is the show for you. There’s a dearth of women antagonists on our screens but this show does its very best to change that. It’s a drop in the ocean but damn, if this drop ain’t goood!

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7. Ozark

Marty Byrde, a financial planner who relocates his family from Chicago to a summer resort community in the Ozarks. Except, he didn’t really like the suburbs. He is actually turning a druglord’s black money legitimate or his entire family gets brutally killed. However, if you know anything about the American countryside, you probably know there are some pretty messed up people down there. 

The show is dark, and each episode is packed with nerve-wracking stuff that will make go WTF every once in a while. 

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8. Sweet Tooth

In a post-apocalyptic world, where some children are born with animal DNA, a boy, who is half-human half-deer tries to survive with the help of his badass protector. The show is beautifully done and even though, it could have definitely been better if the creators had stuck to the source material, it’s still a very compelling series to watch. 


9. Yellowstone

Yellowstone is the hard-hitting story of those Americans, that you and I and most other Americans generally assume to racist white folks. But they are not necessarily that. Kevin Costner plays a rancher who had to deal with corrupted government officials, large corporations, murders among other things. 


10. Outlander

Adapted from best-selling books by Diana Gabaldon, Outlander revolves around Claire, a British nurse and a WW II veteran who finds herself transported to 1743. Obviously, 1743 was a much more difficult time for women and she finds her life and freedom, both threatened. The show is romantic, brave, sometimes sadder than you imagine and overall, pretty damn good. 

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11. What We Do In The Shadows

If you are tired of the freaking heatwave and are not in the mood to watch anything serious, this is the show for you. It’s got vampires and werewolves and wizards and they are all very very weird people. Hell, it’s even got Van Helsing. But he wants to be a vampire. It’s so ridiculous and edgy that no amount of words will ever do it justice. You just gotta watch it for yourself. 


12. This Is Us

Prepare your tissues. It’s going to make you cry. Don’t bother being tough and all that macho crap, this WILL make you cry. The story revolves around Kevin, Kate and Randall, all of whom try to navigate life while dealing with a tragedy that just won’t leave them alone.

13. The Walking Dead

Yeah, you can cry all you want but the fact of the matter is that this show, for 10 seasons has been way more consistent than GoT and is still going strong. The show is all set for its last season before it branches off into more spin-offs, which are also very good in their own right. 

The Walking Dead pulls humans down from the top of the food chain and watches as society collapses into madness. The show actually reconstructs civilisation as the survivors go from being hunter-gatherers to becoming settlers. It’s deep and philospohical but it isn’t without drama and heartbreak. Also, the action is pretty cool. 

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There we go. Get binging then.