2021, like every year before it produced some of the best shows we have seen in a while. And isn’t that nice, every year, the quality of product we watch is better than the last. And since that has been the case, we got really obsessed with a few such shows. 

1. House of Secrets: The Burari Deaths

The show explores the mass murder-suicide of 11 members of the Burari family. It was gripping, hard-hitting and traumatising to say the least. The show stayed with the audience for quite a while and contributed to starting discussions on mental health and the role of patriarchy in Indian families. 

Indian Express

2. Squid Game

The Korean Hunger Games-style drama was a violent and apt commentary on the class struggle in South Korea. It was brutal and as real as TV shows could get, the characters made you feel empathy, even the bad ones. 


3. Money Heist

The final season of the show caught on like fire in India. Desis have always been one of the major audiences of the show and the final season got the love it deserved from us. Netflix’s India based promotion also made sure everyone and their moms knew when the show would go on air. 


4. Sex Education

Sex Education is practically the only show in mainstream pop culture that gets teenagers right. It’s progressive, its characters relatable and its storytelling impeccable. No wonder, everyone was so emotionally involved with the show like the characters were our next-door neighbours. 


5. The Family Man

While season 2  of the show got hammered by progressives for being stereotypical and borderline Islamophobic in its storylines, majority of people who watched it, loved it as much as they loved season 1. 

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6. Aspirants

The TVF show is about the past and present of three friends, Abhilash, Guri and SK, who are UPSC aspirants. The story moves in two parts- one about the three friends’ past as aspirants in Rajinder Nagar in Delhi and the present that deals with their lives as adults. 

GQ India

7. Kota Factory

Season 2 of the show dived deeper into the lives of our protagonists and dealt with the real problems they face in Kota after the honeymoon phase of newfound freedom is done with. There are some serious issues the show tries to touch upon but perhaps, we will have to wait for season 3 to see if it actually addresses it.

Cinema Express

8. Tabbar

Tabbar might have taken a little time to really shift gears in terms of audience obsession but once it did, there has been no stopping it. It’s a gripping edge of the seat thriller that will make you question your own morality throughout. 


Well well, at least we picked some really good shows to be obsessed with. Imagine we went with some random radio show with the comments turned off.