Very rarely does a show come along that starts off with a bang and doesn’t disappoint till the end. We are familiar with many good shows that fail in their finales, but it is like finding a gem when a show ends on a great note too. 

So, we’ve got a list of just this- gems! Enjoy scrolling through the best pilot and finale episodes that you can go back and re-watch anyday. Take a look. 

1. Mad Men  

Pilot: Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

Remember when they introduced the big bad world of advertising in the first episode? How interesting was it to see the role advertising has in consumerism? 

Finale: Person to Person

And when it came to the last episode, they closed out nice and smooth, with the same theme of hinting at the brains behind successful ad campaigns. Classic!

2. Friends 

Pilot: Pilot

How can we forget Friends’ first episode, the show totally captured its audiences the moment everyone saw the gang chilling at Central Perk and also, as Rachel rushed in chaotically. 

Finale: The Last One

And then its finale episode ingrained the show in people’s hearts forever as everyone stood in the apartment for one last time, all grown up, and almost unwilling to leave.

3. Fleabag Finale: Episode 6

 Pilot: Episode 1

What do you get when a priest and sceptic fall in love? Well, certainly a good amount of complex emotions. But the first episode starts off with Fleabag being single as ever, and oblivious to who she’s about to meet next. 

 Finale: Episode 6

Can I just say, the last episode of the show is almost soothing (even if a little sad), with how the two-part ways amicably? 


4. The Haunting of Hill House.

Pilot: Steven Sees A Ghost

A house that has a mind of its own and is in fact, a ruthless killing machine, if that doesn’t terrify you, you probably have a high threshold for horror and the supernatural The Haunting of Hill House starts with a tragedy, leaving the Crain siblings traumatised. 

  Finale: “Silence Lay Steadily”

And it ends with a tragedy too, only this time it leaves all the siblings ready to move on from their trauma and the audiences feeling much less troubled.

5. Schitt’s Creek 

Pilot: The Cup Runneth Over 

The opening episode is just epic, what with a posh family going from riches to rags and being forced to adjust with whatever they have left. 

Finale: Happy Ending

And the finale is basically a huge warm hug in the form of an episode. Just how cute is it to watch the family make everything right for David?

6. Breaking Bad 

Pilot: Pilot

All Breaking Bad fans, holler! There is a reason this show was a favourite among so many. I mean what else do you expect on seeing a chemistry teacher turn into a crystal meth maker? 

Finale: Felina

Although we see Walt dies in the end, the satisfaction of knowing he killed his enemies is just too great to ignore. What a way to get back at someone.

7. Parks and Recreation 

Pilot: Pilot

Can a mockumentary truly fail to impress an audience? Especially if it is based on humour surrounding office culture! The show starts off with Leslie Knope dealing with all the hilarious complaints that her towns’ folks have.

 Finale: One Last Ride 

And it ends with a sweet team assignment, as Leslie gets the entire team to fix a set of swings.

8. Dark 

Pilot: Secrets

Science fiction at its very best folks. The show opens with a whole load of mystery and suspence. 

Finale: Paradise

 And ends with a reveal about the result of a complex time travel secret.

9. BoJack Horseman

Pilot: The BoJack Horseman Story, Chapter One

An excellent animated sitcom that starts off with a career realisation on the part of Bojack. 

Finale: Nice While It Lasted

And it ends on a touching and super insightful note. Who knew cartoons could be so heavy on the wise stuff? 


10. Mare of Easttown

 Pilot: Miss Lady Hawk Herself 

Nothing can open a show better than some good ol’ murder mystery! That’s what a crime drama does to you, leaves you wanting more. And keeping you up late, binge-watching episode after episode. 

 Finale: Sacrament

Okay, we know that the end reveals who the bad guy is, and it would be terrible to reveal it right here, because what if someone decides to watch it!

11. How to Get Away with Murder 

 Pilot: Pilot

The shows that have an absolutely unsuspecting perpetrator are the ones that drive us all to a point of addiction. How to Get Away with Murder opens with that itself; everyone clueless as to who the murderer is. 

Finale: Stay

And, of course, this too ends with a big satiating reveal. 


So, which of these will you be going back to re-watch?