Dads being dads are mostly fun to chill with (unless they are scolding you for all your life choices just because you left the lights on in the washroom). But, sadly, with our growingly busy schedules, we rarely get to spend time with them. So why not this Father’s Day, catch up on some shows with them.

1. Modern Family

This mockumentary shows the lives of three inter-related families. The series captures multiple father-children moments – from awkward and tension-filled, to heartwarming instances.

You can watch it on Hotstar.


2. F.A.T.H.E.R.S.

The show revolves around the relationship between millennials and their fathers, who try to act ‘cool’ to gel with their cooler offsprings.

You can watch it on TVF Play.


3. Made In Heaven

While fathers are not always of the most radical kinds (unless yours is), it’s always nice to let them get a sneak peek into the reality of your generation. From career, relationships to sexuality, this show touches upon all the hot topics relevant to the youth of the country. Maybe you’ll be able to start a dialogue with your father. Maybe he’ll say, ‘ye kya laga rakha hai, nalayak‘. You’ll see. 

You can watch it on Amazon Prime.

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4. The Umbrella Academy

A bunch of siblings reunited to solve the mystery of their father’s death, while the threat of an impending doom hovers over them. The flashbacks of their dysfunctional and absurd equation with their father will provide you with enough instances to bond with your old man.

You can watch it on Netflix.


5. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Apart from the main storyline, the show involves a lot of subplots revolving around the theme of fathers. You have Peralta’s absentee dad, then him considering Captain Holt for the father figure in his life, Terry fussing over his kids and what not. Watch this for a laugh riot and some warm moments with your dad.

You can watch it on Netflix.


6. Kota Factory

The show encapsulates struggles of every Indian student working industriously 24×7 amid cutthroat competition. If your father keeps on going ‘beta, humare zamaane mein‘ at every given opportunity, then he should also get familiar with the struggles of your generation.

You can watch it on TVF Play.


7. Chernobyl

If you and your dad have a penchant for discussions on government secrets or you people are history buffs, then this dramatic rendition of a nuclear disaster will keep you hooked to the screen.

(By including the show in this list, we do not mean to undercut the serious sentiment behind the show.)
You can watch it on Hotstar.

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8. Selection Day

If you and your father tend to bond over sports, then watch this web television series, based on a novel by the same name. An Anil Kapoor production, the series follows two brothers, Radha and Manju, raised by their cricket-obsessed father.

You can watch it on Netflix.

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9. Shark Tank

If business and investment get your motor running, then watch this reality television with your old man. 

You can watch it on Netflix.


10. Dynasty

While not exactly a family drama, Dynasty is a drama about family. Watch this show about a billionaire (step-) family fighting amid itself. Who knows, your father might end up becoming a drama mama. Chances are slight. He might just ask you to change the channel to the news, while preaching ‘beta paise ped pe nahi ugte‘.

You can watch it on Netflix.


11. This Is Us

A brilliant TV show about family bonding and struggles, This Is Us showcases how family supports us through it all. Armour yourself with a stack of tissues before you set down to get emotional with your father watching this show.

You can watch it on Amazon Prime.


12. Breaking Bad

The show follows the adventures of Walter White after he’s diagnosed with stage 3 cancer. His engagement in illegal activities starts taking a toll on his equation with his family- comprised of his wife and his son.

You can watch it on Netflix.

Breaking Bad

13. Sacred Games

Barring the abusive language, this could be a fun watch with your dad. Violence, fighting sequences, and the end of the world plot; while the protagonist functions under the burden of the shadow cast by the remarkable deeds of his father – this show packs a punch. Or, you could end up receiving flying chappals, who knows? Not us.

You can watch it on Netflix.

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14. Parenthood

The show revolves around three generations of the Braverman family. With multiple plotlines exploring the father-children relationship and its multiple aspects, this is a brilliant watch.

You can watch it on Amazon Prime.


15. Raja, Rasoi Aur Anya Kahaniyaan

If you and your father are big foodies, then watch this show as it explores the rich cuisines and cultures of the Indian subcontinent.

You can watch it on Netflix.


16. Mind The Malhotras

This recent release is a slice of life show. A story of a family with three kids, where the parents are taking couples’ therapy. You might find it relatable to watch with your dad.

You can watch it on Amazon Prime Video.


17. Our Planet

If ‘aaj badi garmi hai’ is the only topic of conversation between you and your dad, then watch this brilliant documentary. It puts into perspective the damage we have caused to our planet.
You can watch it on Netflix.


Dekhne ko toh, you can watch Game of Thrones with him, as well. Let us know how it goes, though.