Sometimes, a person just needs to sever to wire, so to speak. To disconnect and not think about the bigger questions of life. Lucky for us, we live in the golden age of disconnection OTT platforms have made it easier than ever for humans to tune out, and thee shows prove it. 

1. Star Trek: Lower Decks

This show somehow flew under the radar, but it’s a perfect example of shows that help you tune out. It takes a funny look at the vestigial characters from Star Trek ships, and makes space operas fun in the process.


2. Family Guy

The one that started it all – the saga of Peter Griffin and family has been going o for donkey’s years, yet still holds a fond place in every erstwhile stoner’s heart.

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3. Disenchantment

Created by Matt Groening, the legendary birther of The Simpsons, this show follows a debaucherous princess in a magical kingdom who does things on her own terms.

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4. Teenage Bounty Hunters

This is one teen show that broke the mould, but unfortunately flew under the radar. Twin sisters Blair and Sterling balance teen life at an elite Catholic high school while also moonlighting as badass bounty hunters.  


5. Eastbound And Down

Danny McBride is a treasure and must be protected at all costs. In this show, he plays Kenny Powers, a down and out baseball star who talks monumental amounts of shit and broadcasts it to the world.


6. Orville

Seth MacFarlane, who created Family Guy stars in this space opera about a bumbling crew that has its heart in the right place.  


7. Parks and Recreation

Leslie knope is a ray of sunshine, and the crew of characters in this show about a group trying to salvage their local parks is just a fun watch, no matter when.


8. Mythic Quest

From the creators of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, this deep dive into video game creator culture is a fresh take on sitcoms. It’s also insanely funny.


9. Moving Art

With instrumentals that lull, scenes of nature that relax, and time-lapse photography that sets you into a slower pace of being, this show is a comforting watch that many of us need once in a while.


10. Bob’s Burgers

The story of Bob Belcher and family is one for the ages, grease at al. An interesting fact is that it’s voiced by the same guy who does Archer. This is truly one of the funniest shows around. 


Fun times!