Whilst outgoing people breeze through life attending awesome parties and sharing hilarious anecdotes,  the rest of us need to make an effort to be social.  It’s not like we are anti-social, but the mere thought of being in the limelight is likely to leave us curled in a foetal position, trying desperately to suck our thumbs.

There are certain things that shy people have to deal with that only other shy people can empathise with; these fourteen things, to be specific:

1. In a party or a gathering, people don’t notice you because you sit in a corner with your invisibility cloak on.

2. No matter how much you want to, you never let your hair down completely and dance very consciously.

3. Even when you’ve done all the research work single-handedly for group presentations, you don’t mind other people presenting it because you don’t want to be under the spotlight.

4. People misunderstand your shyness as arrogance sometimes and it upsets you.

5. You generally blush a lot, and the thought of people seeing you blush makes it worse.

6. You avoid making eye contacts so that you don’t need to talk to people.

7. You might have an opinion about things, but your contribution during group discussions covers only ‘I agree’.

8. You wish to be totally kickass during interviews. But when the time comes, you answer in monosyllables or gestures!

9. You hide whenever guests come over, but your parents force you to come and say namaste to them and that makes you really awkward.

10. Even when you know the correct answer to the question asked, you just don’t raise your hand!

11. You don’t even clarify your doubts during classes. You run after the teachers when the class gets over so that you don’t look stupid in front of your classmates.

12. Trying on clothes in front of your friends is just so… *blush*

13. It takes you ages to muster courage to speak to your crush.

14. While ordering food, you just go with whatever people are ordering because you’re too shy to make demands.

15. You let others handle all your dealings with maids, policemen, plumbers, etc. because ” woh kya sochenge .”