Ever wanted to have so much money that you could buy everything and anything you’d fancy? Who hasn’t, right? But sadly, not all of us are born with silver spoons. But the ones who are, really know how to live life king size. One such person is our very own brat boy, Siddharth Mallya, Vijay Mallya’s son. 

He’s got the girls, he’s got the booze, he’s got the sand between his toes, and so much more. Sid, as he prefers to be called, is living the life every one dreams of. He’s quite the Indian Dan Bilzerian if you ask me. But a very decent one at that. 

A peek into his life will make you wonder, if his dad is bankrupt, how the hell can he afford all this shizz yo?

Just casually chilling at Cannes.

Beautiful day in #Cannes!!!!!!☀️☀️ #vain #selfie #sunshine

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Remember #SidSessions? No one does. But this happened and they had quite a lot of fun. 

Bearding The Chris effing Gayle!

Let’s count. 1, 2, 3….I can’t even.

Ummm…not too sure that I was meant to be in this pic!!!😂 #photobomb 📷💣

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Eh..nothing great. Just looking chill beside Preeti Desai. It’s not that big a deal, right?

Sunday session with the Banter Brigade!😎🇺🇸 #laborday #vain #selfie @mssonumb @preetidesai

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Sunbathing with Sophie Chaudhary in Goa. No biggie yo!

Goan daze…..☀️🇮🇳☀️ @sophiechoudry #vain

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‘Preetiness’ galore!

Last night in #LA…..SUSHI TIME!!!!!🍣😄 @freidapinto @preetidesai

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The perks of being the owner of a cricket team. Cheerleaders all the way!

Just another day in the extravagant life of the king.

A special mention to his dog. Because he gets a picture always!

Spots an actress. Gets picture. Because he can.

Good seeing u after agesssss @evelyn_sharma!!!!! #sangeet #robinesha

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He has some legen….wait for it…dary Hollywood friends as well! 


And he hangs out with an Emmy nominated actor and writer who also happens to have shot a short film with him. Living the life, eh?

He’s got the bling and the fur too.

San Francisco Giants 2010 & 2012 World Series Championship rings…Talk about some serious bling!!!

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Living it up like a boss!