Men In Black: International released in India a few days ago and our boy MC Sher (Siddhant Chaturvedi) gave voice to ‘desi Agent H’.

So, it was only fitting for the two to sit down together for an interview, which was all kinds of fun and exciting.

Since Siddhant did the voice-over in the movie, he asked Chris to judge if he is worthy enough. To gauge that, Chris said some of his dialogues from the movie and Siddhant translated them in Hindi (and do we need to say that he was great?). 

Later, the tables turned and Siddhant told him some popular Bollywood dialogues. To our surprise, Chris was able to guess and translate all of them.

Siddhant also sang a rap for Agent H, who seemed really impressed with his skills without (we’re assuming) even knowing what the words meant.

The best part of the interview was Chris full going ‘Gully Boy’, though.

This much awesomeness shouldn’t be allowed to be packed together. You can watch the entire video here: