Most of us re-read the headlines this morning as it stated something that’s too difficult for our hearts to believe.

Actor Sidharth Shukla died of a heart attack at the age of 40, according to reports from Mumbai’s Cooper Hospital.

Sidharth had a reputation for being a tough guy. But his true fans know how easily he’d wear his heart on his sleeves for his mother. 


Absolutely shattered by his sudden demise, Humans Of Bombay pays a tribute in his memory. 

Since a very young age, Sidharth’s mother had been the most significant person in his life. Being the youngest among his siblings, he’d always be around his mom like a shadow. 

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Back when he was a toddler, he said, 

I’d cry if I had to go a second without her–so even while making rotis, she’d hold me in one hand & the roller in another! 

As time passed and he grew older, he found his best friend in his mother. While other kids usually hide things from their parents, Sidharth could talk about everything under the sun with his mother.

He found his safe haven in his mother’s company. 

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Being a naughty little kid who’d get away with troubles, his mother inculcated the value of honestly which made him immediately own up to his mistakes. 

When dad passed away 15 years ago, it felt like the umbrella over us had been taken away.

Inspite of facing many challenges in life, she never showed any signs of vulnerability to her kids. Sidharth said that she was always a strong as a rock. Despite their poor finances, she ran the house, looked after 3 kids & fulfilled all their demands.

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She was the one who played a significant role in helping him find his passion. 

I used to act like the ‘cool guy’–so to ‘teach me a lesson’, she sent me for a modeling contest thinking I’d be put in my place! Funnily enough, I actually won!

Big Boss was the first time, he couldn’t speak to her for months. And yes, that was the toughest part of the show for that 39 year old guy. 

Every time she told Sidharth that she’s proud of him, he felt the happiest as he could bring a smile on the face of someone who means the world to him. 

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Being an ultimate anchor of his life, she always gave bitter-sweet instructions to him, which he considered his ‘daily dose’. 

When I finally saw her on set after 3 long months, the first thing she told me was to stop wearing shorts all the time & to put on a pair of jeans!
Humans Of Bombay

Rest easy Sidharth, you’ll always be alive in the hearts of millions.

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