When people list the Kings of Bollywood they never seem to give one man the credit he really deserves - Sunny Deol. He's been saving the world and kicking ass for decades. And his fans love him for that. Passionate, emotional and fiery. That describes both Sunny and his fans. Here's a list of 16 signs of a quintessential Sunny Deol fan.

1. This is how they get angry

2. They've actually tried weighing their hand to see if it is "dhai kilo"

3. They honestly feel Sunny is a pretty decent dancer

4. They can do a pretty good impression of Sunny Paaji

5. They hate the fact that there's a new more popular Sunny in Bollywood

6. For them, he is probably the only actor who totally rocks the turban

And this did not go down well with them

7. According to them, Gadar changed Indian cinema once and for all.

8. They are eagerly awaiting the release date of Yamla Pagla Deewana 3

9. They’ve had enough of Krrish & Ra.One, all they want is a Sunny Deol superhero movie.

10. They just can't comprehend why Abhay Deol wouldn't want to do a movie with Sunny.

11. They went into a trauma when SRK stabbed Sunny in Darr.

12. "MeraDil Le GayiOye Kammo Kidhar" features amongst their top 5 Bollywood songs of all time.

13. They are secretly envious of Bobby Deol for having a big brother like Sunny.

14. This movie is like their Bible

And theyhave kept this as their message tone at least once - " THIS "

15. They believe he is a way better spy than 007

16. Their 26 th Jan & 15 th August is well-spent watching Border on TV.

And they totally believe that Sunny Deol could have single-handedly won the war