Disclaimer: The following article is a work of humour with a satirical nature, ScoopWhoop in no way endorses or condones the institution of arranged marriage as depicted in the series.  

Maybe I’m too deep into cringe-bingeing Netflix’s docu-reality-series Indian Matchmaking or maybe I’ve actually lost my mind to this horrid year. But, I feel like I have somewhere found my spirit animal in Sima aunty. Just hear me out. 

CN Traveler

With all her sass and her love for travel, here is how you, a millennial will relate to Sima aunty: 

1. Travelling is your first love and even the smallest reason is a reason big enough to pack your bags and grab your passport. 

2. Judging is low-key your favourite hobby and you can literally make a living out of it. 

3. You love meeting new people and every social event is an opportunity to network. 


4. You live for horoscopes and zodiac based predictions. 

5. You believe that love is lame and is only meant to exist in fairytales and Bollywood movies. 

6. You always want to surround yourself with fun, “jolly” people who give you positive vibes, at all times.

7. You often like to think that you are an angel descended from heaven and every step you take is god’s work and a step towards bettering humanity.  

8. You’re literally always thinking about food. ALWAYS. 

9. You’re also the default mom of the group, trying to take care of everything and everybody. 

10. You’re also the mature wise owl who loves giving useful life advice.

11. You love socializing and low-key regret not going to enough parties before 2020.

12. You have a cooperative work personality where you’re willing to ‘adjust’ to the client’s demands without ‘compromising’ on the work quality.

13. You believe that love is not always rainbows and butterflies but hard work and compromise.

14. You know you have given your hundred percent to everything, so if things don’t work out, it’s the stars not you. 

Odisha Bytes

15. When things get rough, you try to fix them by applying the ‘jugaadu‘ brown-desi logic of “adjust karle” that you grew up with. 

16. You love animals to the extent that kittens and puppies are both equally cute to you, you don’t discriminate. 

17. You would do anything to shield your tribe against negative vibes and keep them at bay. #PositiveVibesOnly

18. You will go above and beyond to look after your loved ones but you’ll also ensure that they know you’ve moved out of your comfort zone. 

19. You believe in fate almost as much as you believe in yourself. 


I don’t know what’s scarier, the fact that I didn’t have to “adjust” to relate to these points or the fact that Sima aunty has started feeling like everyone I know around me. 

All images are sourced from Netflix, unless mentioned otherwise.