Bros make life worth living. But not everyone is lucky enough to achieve the peak of friendship between two guys. Not everyone can have a bromance. But maybe you’re in one, and can’t even tell. If you or your buddy display any or all of the following signs, then you guys are probably in an epic bromance.

1. You think it’s perfectly normal to talk to a guy for hours on end.

You: Wassup bro?

Bro: Nothing much man. Sup with you?

You: Nothing much. So wassup with you?

2. You finish each other’s sentences.

You: Bro, check out that girl…

Bro: … she’s so hot.

3. If your bro has a bad idea, you give your own crazy inputs and make it a really bad idea.

Bro: “Hey, let’s pick a fight with that huge dude with the skull and dagger tattoo.”

You: “No dude, let’s hit on his girlfriend first.”

4. You both share silly jokes that only the two of you get.

You: Butt.

Your Bro: Ahahahahaha!

5. Your girlfriend is really insecure about your relationship with your bro.

Your girl: I know he’s your friend, but does he have to come along for every date?

6. You’ve hung out with each other so much; you’ve started communicating in an elaborate system of grunts and nods.

Bro: Grunt *Points at a burger joint*

You: *Stomach Growls*

Bro: Okay, let’s get a burger

7. You both drink the same kind of beer.

Bro: These guys don’t have Buds.

You: Okay, let’s bounce.

8. You throw a hissy fit when your bro misses football night.

You: Bro! You promised. So what if you have finals tomorrow?

9. You watch bromantic movies with your bro.

Bro: Hey. “Pineapple Express” is on TV. You wanna come over and watch it?

You: For the 10 th time? Sure bro. Be right there.

10. Your bro guilt trips you for spending too much time with your girlfriend.

Bro: Go ahead, forget your best friend over a girl.

11. You always have an excuse ready for your bro.

Bro’s Girl: Why isn’t he picking up his phone?

You: My dog ate it.

12. Your bro stays over so often, your mom has starting doubting your preferences in love.

Your Mum: Beta, umm, your friend has a girlfriend, right?

13. You’ve said “I love you bro,” to your bro at least once.

No one admits it, and everyone forgets, but no bromance is complete without this declaration of bro love.

14. No matter what time it is, your bro will always be ready to grab some buds!

You: Bro, you wanna…Bro: …grab some buds? Hell yeah!