You never really had a thing for standing in front of the mirror and accusing yourself of being the most beautiful girl on Earth. You don’t exactly go ‘WOW’ at the sight of clothes and shoes. You use your phone more to surf the web than click a selfie every hour or so. If you’ve identified with these things at some point in your life and find them to be true still, then you have what it takes to call yourself a tomboy.

1. You enjoy hanging out with guys more than girls. You have 3 guy friends for every girl friend.

2. Your closet teems with T-shirts you stealthily bought from the Men’s section.

4. You cheer for your favourite teams sans the pom-poms and cute dresses.

5. You drool over Chuck Norris, not Robert Pattinson.

6. As a kid, you preferred playing with G.I.Joes rather than Barbie Dolls.

7. You’d rather play practical jokes on your friends than go shopping.

8. Online shopping makes you want to gouge your eyes out.

9. The only way you’d be in a selfie is if you photo-bomb one.

10. When coming of age, we all made that one disastrous fashion faux pas that made us crawl back to tomboy mode.

11. You love marriages not because you get to dress up, but because there’s food. Free. Tasty. Food.

12. You sulk about not being able to complete a level of a video-game rather than missing the latest sale.

13. You choose sneakers and flip flops over pumps and stilettos as you’ve never been able to master the art of walking in heels.

14. You chose a bicycle which had gears and shifters. You hated those girly-girl pink ones with a white basket in front.

15. Your idea of hair care is a ponytail or a bun.

16. If you find something funny, you don’t giggle. You howl like a lunatic.

17. You never use a nail-paint remover to clean off your nail-paint when it starts chipping, you let nature take its course.

18. Guys do things in front of you that they never think of doing in front of a ‘Normal’ girl because “Hey! You’re a bro!”

19. But life isn’t easy for a Tomboy. We have lost many of our crushes to Overly Womanly Women or have been friend zoned by them because “Hey! She’s a bro!”

20. But despite everything, you’d never change yourself. And if anyone dares to tell you how a “lady” is supposed to behave, all you have to say is this: