We have all watched FRIENDS. Some of us might be actually old enough to have watched it during its original run, while most of us have been hooked to its reruns. The show is a massive hit amongst our generation, even though it tells the story of six New Yorkers in their late 20s struggling through life in the 90s. The simple reason being, all six of them were so relatable.  And many of us have often wondered as to which character best defined us. 

And often we find comparing ourselves with one of the characters in the show. Who doesn’t have a Rachel in their life? Or a quirky friend like Phoebe? Or how we become Joey when it comes to sharing food. 

Wel, we cannot fill a form out for you but if you relate to these things we have listed down below, then you are definitely the Chandler Bing of your group. 

1. You are still a kid at heart.

the Odyssey

2. No one knows what you do for a living.


3. Your sarcasm game is on point.


4. Otherwise, every word you say lands you in a foot in your own mouth situation.


5. You would do anything for a joke and often at your own cost.


6. You love your technology.


7. You are a nerd.


8. You are skeptical about almost every story your friends tell.


9. You have accepted the truth and nothing else can change that.


10. You can’t dance to save your life.


11. You are insecure about relationships. 


12. None of your friends come to you for advice.


13. Existential crisis is kind of your thing.

sorority lyfe

14. You are uncomfortable with emotions.


15. You suck at group pictures.

16. You specialise in making jokes in awkward situations. And you are good at it.


17. But sometimes you do need reassurance.


18. You won’t accept that there is someone funnier.


19. You are a tad melodramatic.

tell me nothing

20. You have some weird ideas about fun but your friends endorse you. 


21. You have had some stupid hairstyles but your friends have encouraged it.


22. You have a Joey. 

Well, if you do relate, congratulations, you are a hopeless case, who makes jokes to get out of any emotionally awkward situation. You are also actively allergic to relationships. Sometimes, it sucks to be Chandler. 

Lol jk. It’s awesome. You give the nastiest burns, you hang out with Joey and you have a chick and a duck.