Subconsciously, we know when something is not working for us. But more often than not, we need external confirmation, sometimes from a friend and sometimes from a random article like this one. So, in case you are looking for the same, then here are some of the telltale signs that you need a career break. Apart from the fact that you searched/clicked on this article, of course.

1. You feel nauseated by the thought of going to work

You wake up in the morning in a good mood, and then the thought of work strikes and all you can feel is nauseated. If that’s the case, then you are not at all happy with your job and are getting mentally exhausted. Sometimes it doesn’t even have anything to do with your work and you might just be exhausted. Either way, it’s sound to take a sabbatical in such situations and find ways to rejuvenate yourself.

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Source: Forbes

2. You don’t enjoy the work anymore

Did you join for some other work and now have to do something entirely different? If that’s the case, you might not enjoy doing your work anymore. If so, start looking for jobs in the areas you are interested in. If you wanna take a break then manage your finances and by all means, take that break.

Source: CNBC

3. You don’t see a career in your current field

If you have been working in your current field for a while and are still disinterested and the thought of doing the same thing for the rest of your life haunts you, then, my friend, you are in urgent need of a break. You can utilise this break to figure out the fields you are interested in and develop skills for that field. And then you can re-enter the workforce rejuvenated and motivated.

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Source: Great People Inside

4. You start making careless mistakes and are indifferent toward the negative feedback

If you know you are skilled and you have previously proven your capabilities but are performing poorly recently, and feel indifferent to whatever negative feedback you receive, then chances are you are mentally exhausted. If that’s the case then it’s even more important to take a break.

Source: Thought Catalog

5. You can’t focus on the work

Do you feel yourself scrolling through social media while an ongoing meeting, checking places you can visit instead of working, or watching random videos on the internet during your work hours? If so, then you are not focused on work and this lack of focus can bite you in the ass. You need to figure out the underlying reason for this lack of focus, chances are you might just need a break and actually go on that trip to the hills you plan for during your work hours.

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Source: Medium

6. Lack of work-life balance

Your work is a part of your life, not your life. You should be doing a job that gives you ample time to focus on your other interest activities. If not, you will get burnt out sooner than later. You have focused on work for a while now, compromising your personal life, why not focus on your personal life now?

Source: LinkedIn

7. Toxic work environment

Our work is a major part of our lives, if we are in a toxic work environment we won’t be able to flourish, personally or professionally. If you have been in such an environment for a long time, your mental health would be severely impacted by now. You should leave such an environment, you can also take a break to start afresh.

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Source: The Standard

8. Your health is getting impacted

We don’t just mean your physical health here, how you feel mentally is equally important. If you feel exhausted and your mental health seems to be getting impacted, you need to take a pause.

Source: Ladders

9. Low morale

We, as humans, have a chronic need of being appreciated – be it in our personal life or work. If you don’t feel appreciated at work, you’ll get burnt out sooner than later. If you don’t feel appreciated, try to switch jobs. More often than not, our morale has more to do with ourselves than others. If that’s the case, it’s better to take a sabbatical to figure out what is not working for you.

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Source: Fond

10. You are constantly annoyed at work

It could be because of your colleagues, the work environment or just the work you are doing, if you are constantly exhausted at work, you need a break. You spent the majority of your day working, and if you are not happy with your work then what’s the point? You might need to switch the job but if even that doesn’t help then the problem might not be external but internal.

Source: Forbes

11. Lack of personal satisfaction

Sometimes we set the bar too high for ourselves and although we are exceeding everyone else’s expectations, we somehow fail to meet ours. If you are not personally satisfied by the work you do, you need to re-access your expectations, and if you still feel personally unsatisfied, you might be mentally exhausted and can use a career break.

career break
Source: Forbes

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