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Fathers play a huge role in our lives – from inspiring us to believe in ourselves, to getting us ready to face the world – they teach us the hacks for everything. And, even though the bond with our father cannot be expressed in words, The Lion King beautifully captured the essence of the relationship, through our favourite characters, Simba and Mufasa.        

Isn’t that why we relate with Mufasa and Simba so much? 

There were many powerful life lessons subtly fused into a seemingly innocent tale. And obviously, the most important ones were the lessons that Mufasa gave to his son. So, here are six quotes from ‘The Lion King’ that depict every father-son relationship in the most perfect way possible. 

This Father’s Day, we couldn’t have found a better way to express our love for our dads! And, with The Lion King slated to release next month, we cannot be more excited. With Donald Glover voicing Simba, and stars like Beyonce and Seth Rogen voicing Nala and Pumbaa, we couldn’t have asked for more!       

If you haven’t watched the trailer yet, you can watch it here: