Born in Harbin, China and raised in Canada, Simu Liu has broken ground by becoming the first ever Marvel Asian superhero with Shang-Chi. He’s cute, talented, has worked hard to get where he is and is undeniably humble about it, how is he so perfect?

This 32-year-old superhero, who has learned Taekwondo, Wing Chun and gymnastics was once an accountant at Deloitte. But when he got laid off, he decided to pursue other options and we’re so glad he did.

From modelling for stock photos to becoming the lead in the first ever Asian superhero in a Marvel film, his is a brilliant success story. 

Not to mention, he is absolutely gorgeous. 

And has an adorable dog, Chopa, who is a rescue from Dominican Republic. 

Back in 2016, he won hearts with his role, Jung Kim in Kim’s Convenience and then in 2018 with the YouTube series, Yappie by Wong Fu Productions. 

And we can’t get over him finally receiving the recognition he deserves. 

A story that has gone down in Twitter history: Back in 2018, Simu Liu tweeted to Marvel saying it was time they made an Asian American superhero film. And now he is the first ever to star in one. Trailblazer? Definitely.

However, Kevin Feige, the President of Marvel Studios stated that the tweet isn’t the reason he was cast, it was his hard work and determination that landed Simu the role. 

Does the world even deserve someone so pure?

If you’re still looking for a reason to fall in love with him, Simu is an activist and has been vocal about anti-Asian racism and has even written opinion pieces on the topic. He is also an UNICEF Canada Ambassador, has spoken about the lack of Asian representation in Hollywood, and is overall so FINE that we cannot not crush on him. 

Can’t wait for more of Simu Liu on the big screen!