How many times have you scrolled through the internet, and one random page keeps you hooked because you can’t help but admire the talent and beauty you get to see there. That’s exactly what we thought when we accidentally landed on Siyal Khan’s Facebook page.  

Well, we later got to know that Siyal Khan is already covering headlines on the internet by creating mesmerizing videos on different social media platforms.  

This young Rebab player hails from Khyber, Pakhtunkhwa, and is a Political Science student who is currently ruling the world of music. We don’t exactly know what epiphany he had to transition to the world of music, but we thank him for blessing our ears with the magic of his fingers.

Well, going back to the roots and catching attention with traditional instruments has been a trend for quite a few years, and Siyal Khan is hitting the cords at the right place.

His recent rendition of “mere hath me tera hath ho” has got more than one lakh views, and what’s more exciting is that the video got featured on Hindustan Times’s official Twitter page.

The power of the internet is that you need validation from others. When people can connect with you, they will automatically start following and loving you. We can for sure say that Siyal Khan is ruling and winning hearts with his simple yet scenic videos complemented by the flash green hilly backdrop. His renditions are not only melodious to hear, but his videos are soothing to the eyes as well.

Although banned in India, Tiktok continues to create a buzz in other countries, and Siyal Khan is taking the right advantage. The same cover that got featured in Hindustan Times has gained more than a million views on Tiktok.  

Siyal Khan is winning hearts not only in his country but breaking the barriers and gathering appreciation from people abroad as well. He also has a YouTube Channel with 13.5K subscribers, but it seems like he is sure to cross over a lakh of subscribers within a short span. 

His fans are requesting Siyal to make covers of their favorite tunes. Even some YouTubers are asking for longer versions of his melodies to make covers. He also made a cover on the popular Bella Ciao from the series Money Heist which got featured on the SundayTimes Instagram page.  

When we said his music had gained attention from numerous corners worldwide, we weren’t just hyping him up. Some people had acknowledged his talent long back when he received the Certificate of Appreciation from the Australian High Commissioner Margaret Adamson in 2017. For now, we can only say we won’t be surprised if we see Siyal Khan’s debut in the Bollywood music industry someday.