In an age where socializing comes naturally to people, being socially awkward is the biggest curse there ever has been! While people are out there making friends and partying, some of us are sitting with our socially-handicapped selves, hoping that some magic potion could make us one of ‘them.’ If you identify with these 23 things, it’s time you officially welcome yourself to the socially awkward club!

1. When you run into someone, somewhere, after the first ‘how are you?’, you go blank.

2. A simple ‘what’s up’ is an existential question to you. You begin to reflect on your life.

3. When you see a known face in a crowd, rather than waving at them, you hide your face/pretend not to have seen them/run away/do all of the above.

4. You usually don’t have a comeback to witty insults thrown your way. And later, you think a lot about what you could have said.

5. When someone hugs you, you don’t know what to do with your hands.

6. You hate being left alone with your friend’s friend. Small talk isn’t your forte.

7. There is at least a 5 second gap before you answer someone’s question.

8. You really don’t know how to express your thoughts correctly! You end up saying something that is JUST SO WRONG!

9. When someone comes and uses the urinal next to yours, you tend to hold your pee.

10. Even if you really have to, you cannot take a dump at work, or at a friend’s place. You over-imagine the noise and smell.

11. You hate it when someone keeps their hands on yours or pats you on the back to show support. Human touch, go away!

12. While daydreaming, you unwittingly end up staring at people, making them super uncomfortable.

13. Your high-five/fist bump shouts are untimely. REALLY UNTIMELY.

14. When you try to fit in by telling a joke, only one person laughs. YOU.

15. You make it awkwardly obvious when forget people’s name mid-conversation.

16. And sometimes, you fail to recognize people you had met a week back.

17. You have no idea what to do when people sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to you.

18. Or when someone throws you a surprise.

19. Or when someone compliments you.

20. You like completely inappropriate things on Facebook, like ‘My cat died.’

21. When you try to flirt with someone, you sound creepy.

22. You feel claustrophobic at the thought of getting stuck in an elevator with someone.

23. You break into this awkward dance routine when you walk into someone.

Hi-five! No?