Back in 2019–2020, we had two films that showed problematic sequences of men slapping women. I am talking about Kabir Singh and Thappad. However, their treatments were poles apart. Taapsee Pannu’s film turned out to be an apt thappad to the toxic masculinity that the 2019 movie proudly promoted. Thappad made a loud noise about how the audience finally got to meet a female character who stood up for herself unlike in Kabir Singh. For those who have watched the movie, remember how Taapsee as Amrita decided to divorce her on-screen husband after being slapped?

Source: Glamsham

Well, someone called Thappad a ‘sh*ttiest’ movie and called out how it promotes the ‘bullsh*t’ concept of divorcing your partner for a slap.

Wait, there is more. We also got a stupid execution of what she should have done instead.

A still from Thappad

The Twitter user (@HypocriteAman_) posted the unsolicited opinion about Thappad on micro-blogging platform. “…literally taking divorce for just one slap? logic died, her husband did wrong with slapping her but he apologized too and she could have slapped her husband twice in return, it’s that simple…” an excerpt from the tweet reads.

Check out the tweet here:

Netizens schooled the user for posting a highly problematic statement about Thappad and how such people were the target audience but failed to understand it.

This opinion is exactly why movies like Thappad deserve to come out. You cannot slap a woman, you cannot expect her to ignore it and move on. ‘Coz domestic violence is a crime.