Allow me to express an unpopular opinion. Tiger Shroff, in 2014, was way ahead of his time. He delivered a generic dialogue in Heropanti that bubbled under the surface for years before erupting into lava in 2022. Yes, we’re referring to his ‘Chhoti bacchi ho kya’ which disrupted the Indian audience a few weeks ago.


And if you think the fad has died down, guess again! Netflix’s Stranger Things, a popular American sci-fi TV show with a large Indian fanbase, has sneaked in this Tiger Shroff dialogue in its Hindi dub, and we are going berserk. I’m not making this up, believe me.

Well, there were a lot of ways to dub ‘you’re not a child’ in Hindi, but they just knew their audience’s taste. You’re re-watching it in Hindi, just like these guys did, aren’t you?

It seems like Dustin is just another one who’s jumped into the ‘Chhoti bacchi ho kya’ bandwagon when they enter the house of Vecna. Who’d have thought that the casual banter between Steve and Dustin would strike a chord with the Desis this time? Honestly, Steve, you might be handsome but the ‘Chhote bacche’ behaviour is just not welcomed.

Man, Tiger Shroff had no clue that almost everyone would try out this line and do it better than he did.

Remember the mimicry artist who first enacted this and turned it into an inescapable social media trend? Yes, he even went so far as to make a reel with Shroff himself.

And the moment Shroff embraced the ironical fame that came from the dialogue, Yashraj Mukhate hopped onto the trend and created a remix track on the same. 

With killer moves and an angaar background score he simply broke the Internet. And the dialogue used in the track isn’t voiced by Tiger Shroff but the guy who made it a meme. Wow.

Heropanti 2, which banked on this trend before its release, also had Tiger Shroff say ‘Chhoti bacchi ho kya’ to Tara Sutaria but OG is OG. After all, you can duplicate a masterpiece, can you?

I will bet dollars to doughnuts, nobody ever thought people would even remember this line. But it has since seen greater heights than the film itself.