There’s no doubt that Son Pari made a home in our hearts instantly when it first hit our television screens in 2000. With its ‘magical’ storyline and relatable characters, the show left us thoroughly entertained. And we are forever indebted to this fantasy adventure series for the memories. To relive the journey once again, here’s how the cast looked then, vs how they look now.


1. Tanvi Hegde AKA Fruity

2. Mrinal Dev Kulkarni AKA Son Pari

3. Ashok Lokhande AKA Altu

4. Vivek Mushran AKA Rohit

5. Kaivalya Chheda AKA Jeff D’Souza

6. Aditya Surte AKA Appy

7. Jhanak Shukla AKA Princy

8. Deepshikha Nagpal AKA Ruby

9. Upasana Singh AKA Kaali Pari

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Design Credits: Sawan Kumari