Sonam Kapoor knows how to tap on to the brand that she has become.

Due to her endorsements, fashion covers and her films, Sonam is an icon to the youth and she is well aware of that. But perhaps it is the way she interacts with her fans on social media that really makes the difference. She isn’t afraid to offer an honest opinion on anything and that seems to click with her followers.

She currently has 8.91 million followers on twitter, 5.1 million on Instagram, 14 million on Facebook and now she wants to change the game in B-Town with her own new platform just like ‘The Kardashian’ clan in the West. 

At the app launch in Mumbai earlier today, Sonam said: “It will have original content. we are working on another platform called sister app where me, my sister and BFF’s talk anything and everything. It will be like a talk show but short 3 minute videos. From books to films, I will be talking about all that I am reading, watching.’

Sonam says, ‘The LIVE feature in the App will feature me as raw as possible. Unadulterated and no filters there.’ Besides the LIVE feature, the app will also have the following features:

My Tribe: Sonam prefers to call her fans as her tribe. The people who support her, look upto her and follow her work closely all belong to the community called ‘My Tribe’ on the Sonam App.

Style Mafia: Everybody wants to know what Sonam is wearing, how her make-up for the day is going to be like etc. Also contributing to this feature will be her make-up artist, fashion stylists, nutritionist etc.

Workohol: Vlogs from her day at work giving us a sneek peek into her life as an actress. 

My Life: This feature on the App will have Sonam and her sister, her girlfriends, family etc. Casual banter between them talking about anything under the sun can be expected here.

The last few days saw Sonam posting online small teasers of her upcoming surprise which turned out to be the App that was announced today. 

b”Image source: Sonam’s Instagram”

If you want to keep up with Sonam Kapoor, there really is no better way!