You know what we’re guilty of? Singing incorrect lyrics of a song, confidently. 
Do we change? Na-uh, because it just doesn’t feel the same anymore. 

I mean, I know it’s ‘just chill’ and not ‘just chiao.’ But you know that’s not the only song we have been singing incorrectly. Turns out, there are more in store. 

1. What we sang: It’s candy po pappi jam, candy oo jannah jannah.

What it really was: Oh keindie pump up the jam. Oh keinde, oh jannah jannah.

2. What we sang: Round the chalk, round the chalk, alloma lao say. 

What it really was: Run the track, man, run the track, no matter let them say.

3. What we sang: Oh na tadpa na re bhaiyewala pad pad ke na padke. 

What it really was: O na kar maan rupaiye wala baar baar ke na rajje. Bai na kar maan rupaiye wala baar baar ke na rajje.

4. What we sang: Shining in the shed and sun na na na. Come and feel me.

What it really was: Shining in the setting sun like a pearl upon the ocean. Come and feel me. 

5. What we sang: Tamalli mava wala hai, ah main haldi ma hawa.

What it really was: Kamalli ma’aa wala hatta’ baidi’am niki aldi hawa. Kamalli ma’aa kamalli b’ali uffal di walaa bansaa’. Kamalli waa hishmillah hataa banu wayyaa.

6. What we sang: Banno tera sweater laage sexy. 

What it really was: Banno tera swagger laage sexy. 

7. What we sang: Aa, thook maloon main tere haathon mein. 

What it really was: Aa, dhoop maloon main tere haathon mein.

8. What we sang: Aja aja, dili ch*de.

What it really was: Aja aja, dil nichode. 

9. What we sang: Bijli ki rani, main hoon aayi. 

What it really was: Bijli girane main hoon aayi. Kehte hain mujhko, hawa hawai. 

10. What we sang: Usne jana ki tareef mumkin nahi.

What it really was: Husn-e-jaana ki tareef mumkin nahi. 

11. What we sang: Just chiao chiao.

What it really was: Just chill, chill, just chill.

12. What we sang: Gupt gupt, gota hai. Gupt gupt. 

What it really was: Gupt gupt, vo kya hai? Gupt gupt.

13. What we sang: Haan kutti mohabbat ne angdayi li. 

What it really was: Aankh uthi mohabbat ne angdayi li. Dil ka sauda hua chandni raat mein.

Man, we got some of these REALLY wrong.