It’s been more than two decades since our favourite characters Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, Rachel, Joey and Ross made a grand entry in all of our lives through the iconic sitcom Friends. While the show ended a decade back, it is still pretty much a part of our lives. 

But apart from the hilarious series, there’s one thing that stuck with us as much as the show itself – its theme song. 

I’ll Be There For You is probably one of the only theme songs we don’t skip every time we binge on the series. It is one of those happy songs that instantly cheers one up, the minute one listens to it.  

One of the most iconic parts of the song is not just the tune but also the lyrics. It doesn’t only make us want to dance to it, but also make us want to have friends like the characters dancing to it. 


But it’s the end of an era for everyone who is in love with the song as the writer who wrote I’ll Be There For You, Allee Willis, died at the age of 72. 

Her demise was shared on Instagram by her longtime partner Prudence Fenton. She announced that Willis passed away on Christmas Eve at her home in Los Angeles after going into cardiac arrest. 

In addition to the famous Friends theme song. Willis has written classics like Earth, Wind and Fire track Boogie Wonderland and worked on their popular hit September, as well as the Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack. 

She also entered the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2018 and was a two-time Grammy winner. She was also nominated for a Tony and an Emmy award. 

I’ll Be There For You will forever live in our hearts.