Spider-Man: Into The Spiderverse rolled out in theatres a few days ago, and oof, its visuals drip in the sweet nectar of everything good.

The movie has it all – good storytelling, an A-list soundtrack, lovable villains, and humour that comes up at all the right moments.

But the visual aesthetics are something that stick out the most.

The Verge

Let’s be honest, when the first trailer rolled out, our screens brimmed with the brightest hues of unconventionality.

Just 2 and a half minutes of web-swinging-Miles Morales had us grinning ear to ear, and we were completely sold.

And now that the movie is out, we can finally subject our eyes to an intense eyegasm for an hour and a half. 

The animated feature’s ambitious and constantly changing visuals which range from cartoony to abstract, is definitely a breath of fresh air.  

Other Marvel movies are about comic book characters. However, this gem of a movie looks like pages of a comic book strewn together.

Pause the movie anywhere and the frame will look like something out of a comic book.

This art style has obviously never been attempted before. And Sony definitely has taken steps to ensure that every single frame keeps us drooling. 

To achieve this, they limited their colour palette and included the iconic half-toning technique in which dots and patterns of colour in different sizes convey shade and light.

This technique lends to the movie a comic book feel.

The technical team also had to write new software to render faces with linework that’s animated separately as if drawn by a comic book artist.

Putting the ‘spectacular’ in Spider-Man, the new art style has attempted to push beyond the Pixar Animation house style which so many studios are vigorously emulating.


Waking up to a mountain of rave reviews lauding their art style, Sony has made sure that they alone hold the power to use the techniques that went into crafting this piece of art. 

According to Deadline Hollywood, Sony recently filed a patent for the animation tech. And if that doesn’t tell you how visually beautiful this movie is, we don’t know what will.

GIFs have been sourced from Giphy.