Remember Avengers: Infinity War, where Thanos actually snapped half the MCU out of existence? 

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If you do, you will also remember how badass cute it was when Iron Man, Spider-Man, Dr Strange and the Guardians thought they could take on Thanos in Titan and he wiped the floor with them. 

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Well, it turns out, he also took the souls out of Drax, Nebula and Star-Lord’s bodies leaving them to die. 

In a deleted scene from the recently released Marvel Studios Infinity Saga box set, we see Dr Strange telling Spider-Man to protect the Guardians. 

Strange tells Parker that if their bodies and souls were separated for too long a time that they would die. 


Parker tells him that he doesn’t know how to fix that, but then Strange tells him that Mantis does. 

Once Peter manages to grab their bodies as Thanos is dropping a moon on them, Mantis tries and wakes them up. 


There is also a funny moment when Parker tells Star-Lord that might be hurting because the former kept dropping him on account of him being heavy. 

You can watch the scene here: 

This scene has not made to the Disney+ streaming service but is available on certain DVD sets.