Whether it is YouTube pushing unskippable ads or Netflix restricting password sharing, every app wants money. That’s their business, and we get it. But then ‘freemium’ apps bombarding users with reminders that their premium subscription would make our lives easy while making it next to impossible for us to access the app for free at all is another story altogether. And it looks like Spotify, the music streaming giant, desperately wants us to make that jump, given their recent updates that haven’t gone down well with the Indian audience.


With the latest set of updates for Spotify’s non-premium users out, they can’t play songs in their preferred order and repeating a song is not an option. And jumping to a specific verse, you ask? Well, that’s not happening either.

Lately, many Spotify users in India took to ‘X’ to express their disapproval of the new updates. People think they are finishing their market in India. Here’s how people are reacting:

Well, it’s just outright sad.