While most Bollywood celebrities have decided to maintain their silence against the ongoing socio-political chaos in JNU, on Tuesday evening, Deepika Padukone joined the JNU protests with students against the violence that broke out on Sunday. 


She stood in solidarity with the protestors as she met and hugged JNUSU president Aishe Ghosh who was gravely injured during the attacks.  


Amidst the sloganeering, she stayed for a brief amount of time during which the former presdient of JNUSU Kanhaiya Kumar was addressing the protestors with a speech. 

According to The Indian Express, Deepika also said that it was heartening to see people raise their voices without any fear. She further added: 

I feel proud about it that people are coming out — be it on the streets or wherever they are — they are raising their voice and expressing themselves as it is important. If we want to see change in life and society, it is important that a point of view be put forward. 

Even though she didn’t say anything, risking her fan base and standing in solidarity with the JNU students was a gesture in itself. Twitter is applauding her gesture: 

Even though she refused to comment on the ongoing situation, her actions spoke louder than words.