From drama to music, there are a number of things that Korea has gifted the world. Whether it’s romantic storylines or swoon-worthy bands, the country has been stealing hearts across the globe with its great content for its audience.

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And now, there’s some good news for India. No no, BTS is not coming down to our country (Sorry, I know it hurts). Anyway, coming back to the news, now desis can proudly say that they have a K-pop star of their own. That’s right!

Sriya Lenka, who emerged as the winner of DR Music’s global auditions, is officially one of the six members of the Korean girl band Blackswan.

After the oldest member of the band, Hyeme, left the group in November 2020, they started looking for another member to replace her. After that, the entertainment agency, which was associated with the band, announced the global auditions in May 2021.

In a YouTube audition programme, Sriya Lenka, along with another contestant, Gabriela Dalcin, was chosen amongst 4,000 applicants as the fifth and sixth members of the group.

In an interview with Talk Talk Korea, Sriya Lenka revealed that she has been dancing since she was in kindergarten but started taking professional training at the tender age of 12. The upcoming star knows classical dancing and has been learning freestyle, hip-hop and contemporary dance to become a versatile dancer.

As per reports, the two new band members will be in Seoul for the next couple of months to practice for their upcoming album. In the last five months, both girls were put through an intense training process that included standard vocal, rap, dance lessons, personal training, language and different musical instruments training.

We just can’t wait to hear Sriya Lenka!