Shah Rukh Khan has earned himself the title of King Khan because of his grand personality. Generations of girls have grown up drooling over his dimpled smile and onscreen charm. 

I mean, just look at him being all cute and sexy at the same time:

Girls want him and boys, well, they want to be like him. 

This guy wished so hard to be like SRK that he grew up to look exactly like him! Yes, this is like watching Duplicate all over again. 

Haider Maqbool, a 22-year-old, is a SRK lover and wants to be exactly like him. He has succeeded in looking like the King, something that his photos are witness of.

1. No, that isn’t SRK. 

2. Doesn’t he remind you a little of SRK from Chak De!

3. At times, Haider stuns everyone with a collage and wow, it literally looks like the same person.

4. Who is that?

5. Haider has really worked for his style to be exactly like SRK’s!

Just like a rerun of watching Duplicate, isn’t it?

All photos via Haider.