Shah Rukh Khan is amazing. I don’t even care what your opinion is on this. But you either agree with me here or you have never been more wrong in your life. SRK looks like a god, he acts better than one and when he speaks, you just feel smarter listening to him. 

The Quint

He is so articulate, most of us wish we had that kind of clarity in life. Case in point, this excerpt from an interview with Ankur Pathak, where the King of Bollywood talks about the crowd outside his house and why people will watch him as long as movies are made!

When a film does well, there are 700 (people), when it doesn’t, there are lesser. And it’s been so many years. They are still out there. That’s a reality, not a delusion. 

-Shah Rukh Khan

People love SRK. He taught us romance and love and you can see that from the support he gets. 

He’s right. We are going to watch him when he’s on our TVs, in our theatres. When he isn’t, we are going to talk about him, write about him. It’s been like that since any of us can actually remember and it’s unlikely to ever change.