Shah Rukh Khan has had a glorious journey of 25 years in Bollywood and in these two and a half decades, his fandom has only increased with every passing year. 

He has seen massive success but has also witnessed periods when nothing was working out the way he had hoped. But in spite of all these ups and downs, SRK has remained King Khan.

He started his film career with Deewana and it wasn’t long before the actor became a huge star. In a recent interview with Indian Express, SRK spoke about his journey so far and like most of his interviews, this one was a great one as well.

Here are some excerpts from the interview.

On his journey in Bollywood:

On the way stardom has affected his personality:

What if someone made a biopic on SRK?

He shared the reactions he got for his first film, Deewana:

25 years might sound like a long time but SRK has no plans of retirement.

You can real the full interview here

H/T: Indian Express

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