School memories are an integral part of your life, whether you’re aam janta like us, or a Bollywood superstar.

Times of India

Last Sunday, Delhi’s St. Columba’s School had a rather pleasant surprise as it welcomed one of its prized alumnus: Shah Rukh Khan.

Times of India

The star has always held his school time as one of the best time of his life–often visiting its grounds long after his graduation and among some fanfare.

Times Of India
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This year too, SRK visited his alma mater. However, his visit was a hush-hush affair and it took place in the presence of very few people from the school administration. Some 18 students, who were a part of the music and theatre society were also fortunate enough to greet and meet the superstar.  

Here are some of the most heartwarming pictures from his visit.


A student mentioned, 

At first it all seemed like a joke until SRK stepped out of his car leaving us all amazed. He wasn’t looking real for sure. It appeared to be his wax model. One of our friends even started crying on seeing him up close. For us, it was very special. 

King Khan not only left the students awestruck by his warmth and presence but also posed with them in his signature pose.  


SRK’s candid interaction with all these students was filmed by a production crew where he also mentioned about his school days to them. He mentioned about bunking classes and absolutely hating Chemistry as a subject. 

SRK has made sure to be in touch with his alma mater and keeps visiting the school time and again. Well, here’s hoping to witness a surprise like this too.