If you have Leonardo DiCaprio & Martin Scorsese in a film, it’s most definitely going to be epic. Now, think about adding our own king, Shah Rukh Khan to that mix. Can you even imagine?


Well, if everything had gone the right way, you wouldn’t have had to. Because the three of them, along with legendary screenwriter Paul Schrader (Taxi Driver, Raging Bull) were on course for a project called Xtreme City…

Blinking peacock

But it would appear that the project fell apart. In a 2013 interview with Open The Magazine, Schrader had claimed that he thought, in the end, SRK didn’t want to do it. 

…Just got the feeling that he was never going to be comfortable doing an international film that he didn’t control. You know that everything SRK does, he has total control over? So if he did something like this at an international level, he wouldn’t have that control. I think in the end he wasn’t that comfortable not being a hundred per cent in control. 

Schrader also said that they had a script ‘which was a hundred per cent paid for’. Apparently, they also had a meeting with SRK and Leo in Berlin but neither actually committed. 

Telly Chakkar

Schrader also said that he was interested to do a film with Salman and had actually met him but didn’t go ahead with the plan because he feared that if SRK found out, that would be curtains for the project with him. 

Eastern Eye

Damn, that would have been some film to watch!