Virender Sehwag isn’t the only one who cracks funny jokes on Twitter. Meet Aparna Nancherla, New York-based stand-up comedian. This woman has a penchant for making the sassiest and funniest observations and doesn’t shy away from sharing them on her Twitter handle. Her Twitter handle keeps her followers quite entertained. 

Her comic sense has a freshness to it, and is quite different from other crop of stand-up comedians, which you can easily make out from the description on her Twitter handle which says:

I am a scrunched up napkin with recyclable dreams. Also a comedian in some cultures. Total drag in others. 

Here are some of her funniest tweets that will surely crack you up:



























Do you also have a stomach ache from excessive laughing? ‘Cause we do!

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Masthead Image Source: Feministing | Feature Image Source: Elle