(too soon, I know)

Caution: There be spoilers ahead.


Today’s Game Of Thrones episode sure took a lot out of us. All our hopes for love were destroyed.

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Daenerys lost another dragon…

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Missandei lost her head…


And Starbucks made an appearance.

Yeah, you read that right. In the celebration scene in Winterfell, the keen eyes of Reddit spotted a Starbucks cup on the high table.

It looks like in between all the love and lives lost, Daenerys managed to find herself a refreshing cup of mocha latte (grande size of course, she’s the queen dammit!)


Twitter wasted no time in pointing it out and letting loose with the jokes.

You could say it’s the best coffee in all of the 7 kingdoms.

This is a valid criticism, especially considering how Jon treated Ghost today.

More than the jokes, though, people were a little irritated at the show.

And yes, while these were glaring errors, in my humble opinion this was a pretty good episode, with GoT returning to what they did best – unexpected deaths, betrayals and ALL the politics.

Having said that, Starkbucks anyone?