Caution: There be spoilers ahead.

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Today's Game Of Thrones episode sure took a lot out of us. All our hopes for love were destroyed.

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Daenerys lost another dragon...

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Missandei lost her head...

(too soon, I know)

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And Starbucks made an appearance.

Yeah, you read that right. In the celebration scene in Winterfell, the keen eyes of Reddit spotted a Starbucks cup on the high table.

It looks like in between all the love and lives lost, Daenerys managed to find herself a refreshing cup of mocha latte (grande size of course, she's the queen dammit!)

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Twitter wasted no time in pointing it out and letting loose with the jokes.

You could say it's the best coffee in all of the 7 kingdoms.

This is a valid criticism, especially considering how Jon treated Ghost today.

More than the jokes, though, people were a little irritated at the show.

And yes, while these were glaring errors, in my humble opinion this was a pretty good episode, with GoT returning to what they did best - unexpected deaths, betrayals and ALL the politics.

Having said that, Starkbucks anyone?