Tired of going back to the same old K-dramas? Not anymore, because we’ve been blessed with a dozen new dramas in 2020 that have us hooked. 

Though some of them are still on-air, we’re all for watching it at the same time as the Korean audience! 

1. Forest

Set in a small town in a forest reserve, the story follows a career-driven man and his encounter with a doctor who is posted in the village. 


2. The King: Eternal Monarch 

This Netflix show is complicated AF but that’s part of its charm. Set in parallel versions of Korea, one run by a king and the other one being present day Korea, this show tells the story of a king who travels back and forth. This show became a sensation overnight as it marked Lee Min-ho’s return to television. 

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3. When The Weather Is Fine (also called – I’ll Find You on a Beautiful Day) 

This earthy and aesthetically beautiful show follows the story of a young cellist who moved back to her small home town and starts bonding with a small bookstore and cafe owner. 


4. A Piece Of Your Mind

A romance through and through, this show tells the story of a calm AI programmer and a recording engineer who begin to work together despite their different personalities. 

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5. When My Love Blooms

Two lovers cross paths after being apart for 20 years, one is a successful businessman and the other is struggling to make ends meet as a single mother. The show is still on air so you can catch up with the Korean viewers. 

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6. Welcome (Meow, The Secret Boy)

Based on a Webtoon comic of the same name, this hilarious love story is based on a cat king who can turn human and his owner, who he falls in love with. 


7. My Holo Love

A lonely woman falls in love with an AI prototype, while the founder who it is modelled after, falls in love with her. This Netflix series is a roller coaster ride but we aren’t complaining. 


9. Memorist

A high school student can suddenly read minds and begins using this superpower to fight crime. Only to come across a serial murder case he now has to help the police force solve. 


10. Itaewon Class

Hands down the best drama of 2020, this show about an ex-con who is trying to get his life back on track, it stars Park Seo‑joon in the lead role. It was also praised for its representation of different cultural backgrounds and the LGBTQ community. 


11. Hi Bye, Mama!

A woman returns to her family, 5 years after her death in hopes of being reincarnated, only to find out that her husband is remarried and she may have no place in her family. 

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12. Hospital Playlist

A group of friends who’ve been together since medical school now begin their journey as doctors in the same hospital.


13. The World Of The Married

A doctor finds out that her husband, a famous director is cheating on her with someone who could get him into a lot of trouble. This show has quickly become the highest-rated Korean drama in cable television history. 


14. Dr. Romantic 2

A sequel to the original 2016 series, and continues 3 years after the first season, in the iconic Doldam Hospital.

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16. Once Again

A comedy-of-errors, this sitcom follows a family of six as they struggle with the ups and downs of daily life, learning meaningful lessons along the way. 


17. Extra Curricular 

A model high school student begins a secret life of crime to pay for college but soon finds himself being monitored closely by a classmate. 


18. Hyena

Two lawyers who work for the rich and famous find themselves facing each other and will stop at nothing to win. 

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17. Kingdom – Season 2

Prince Chang and his comrades are ready to make a final stand against the zombies in the second season of this Netflix horror series. 

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We’ve got some new ships to sail.