Too many times we think we know our favourite actors and actresses, but they have more to their lives than what we see. And a lot probably happens on sets and shoots, given that they spend a lot of their time working in different places. Clearly, that also means that there are stories that we never hear of. And people truly like tea, but of course it spills.

And so, Redditors shared stories from sets that stayed on sets, for some time at least.

1. “Sanjay Dutt showed up drunk to Himmatwala sets and misbehaved with Sridevi, hence they never worked together despite being actors in 80s and only worked for Gumraah.”


Sanjay Dutt
Navbharat Times

2. “I heard Abhay Deol started to cry literally cry on the sets of ZNMD because he had to redo some scary stunt.”


Hindustan Times

3. “Shraddha once accidentally stabbed a guy on sets. It wasn’t critical but it was all hushed up. IYKYK.”


Shraddha Kapoor

4. “One of my friend’s rich relative was travelling in same flight as Katrina. They were in the business class like Kat. Some kid came excitedly to say hello to her and to get a picture. She rudely yelled at the kid, and that kid went back crying.”


Katrina Kaif

5. “Andaz Apna Apna‘s set stories was filled with fights between Karisma and Raveena.”


Andaz Apna Apna
Hindustan Times

6. “Suhana and Agastya are dating each other.”


Suhana Khan

7. “Hrithik has a mirror on his ceiling above his bed as he likes to watch himself before he goes to sleep, and first thing in the morning, when he wakes up.”


Hrithik Roshan

8. “Vicky Kaushal did date Sobhita Dhulipala”


Vicky Kaushal

9. “I heard from some uncle at a salon that he was once sitting with Rajesh Khanna for drinks at Aashirwaad. He was shocked to see Khanna would finish the entire Red Label bottle in one sitting and still won’t flinch.”


Rajesh Khanna
The Siasat Daily

10. “Abhishek’s manager also has a manager to manage his stuff.”


Abhishek Bachchan

What happens on sets, apparently does not stay on sets.