If you’re a true The Family Man fan, then you’d know that the cast has been curated so well that every character’s performance is downright stellar. Especially, the performances by the negative characters. For season one of the show, we saw Neeraj Madhav play Moosa Rahman as a villain. And, boy did he give us a good bad guy!


Clearly, he acted well there. But in a conversation with Humans of Bombay, the actor revealed some details about himself. Ones that would surely have everyone’s heart melting. In the post, Neeraj Madhav spoke about his experience with respect to being from an all-boys school and how that made it more difficult for him to speak to women, and try to pursue them romantically. 

That was until he met a girl back in 12th standard. While studying in a coaching centre. According to the IG post, Neeraj Madhav frequently mentions just how shy he was at that stage in life, and how that crush of his gave him ‘butterflies in the stomach.’ The sweet confession reveals that he ultimately left town to pursue his dance training, and ended up thinking about the same girl on multiple occasions. 

But he soon cuts to ten years forward from that point in his life and mentions his wife, who he is very much in love with, and who is also not the same girl he was talking about earlier. Neeraj concludes by expressing just how much his point of view on love has changed since then. That, when he was younger he thought love was about feeling nervous and excited around someone, whereas now he thinks it’s more about being comfortable around the person. It is about that person being home, in a sense. How beautiful is that? And, how cute do the couple look together!

My heart just melted into a puddle of vanilla ice cream.