Kangana Ranaut is the only person who literally speaks her mind in the fake, hypocritical and judgmental world of Bollywood.

She doesn’t give a fuck about being “politically correct”. Middle fingers up, bitches. So obviously, she’s a total misfit in an industry where everyone is scrambling to get into each other’s good books.


Kangana isn’t just an actress; she’s a role model.

She ran away from home to pursue her dreams without a penny in her pocket. Her family disowned her. She slept on the streets, failed endless auditions and just about made it while rich celebrity kids were getting quick, free entries into overnight stardom.

But then again, Kangana has always refused to give up or give in to the system. She’s no one’s puppet. Women with real purpose are better than that.

She made a name relying only on her talent, not sugar daddies or couch potatoes. She nailed every role, big or small, and showed us she’s there because she can act. Can’t win three National Awards for nothing.


Still, she took a lot of setbacks, but never let that take her down. She ignored the looks and whispers. When people openly made fun of her poor English, she didn’t let it break her. She got down to work and mastered the damn language. Today, one can’t beat her in a debate.

Kangana really does play the “badass card” in life.

As she says, “It’s frightening to handle a woman who can speak her mind,”  in our male-dominated society. Her theory has been proven right repeatedly.

Look at what happened on Karan Johar’s show. She called him out on national television for his double standards without batting an eyelid. He nervously laughed off the ‘nepotism’ blame but didn’t have the guts to disagree. Later, he went around shaming her in every way he could, even mocking her on the stage of a live awards function.


This happens because she won’t kiss ass or stay shut. But Kangana couldn’t care less. That’s why she’s cool.

The “bitch” who talks too much. The “whore” who pisses people off. The small town diva.

Despite being tagged offensively, she refuses to be the victim. Screw the controversies, Kangana uses her voice for more important issues. She has discussed unequal pay, rampant harassment, objectification, and other issues with surprising clarity of thought.

She doesn’t giggle or gossip; she makes sense.

From epic eye rolls to exasperated sighs, Kangana will not rest till her case has been made. And why should it be any other way? Must a woman be silenced by a majority of noisy, egoistic men who can’t tolerate her having an opinion? Hell no. Kangana is no people-pleaser. She’s doing everything by herself, for herself. She remembers how she was treated and uses that as her drive to succeed.

She’s a rebel with a cause: the single lady who became a superstar without selling out or compromising on her principles. She didn’t join any “camp” but chose to do her own thing. Who gives a shit about party invites? 

No wonder a tragically insecure community can’t accept her. She’s a total boss lady, and really proud of who she is. With good reason. From Gangster to Fashion, Queen to Tanu Weds Manu Returns, she has shown her badass range as an artist. No one can question her potential! 

Making her place in a sexist, patriarchal, unfair industry on her own terms where women are barely more than pretty faces and hot bodies with oodles of sex appeal is her true power.


But Kangana is no object. Which is why you can’t treat her like one.

It’s very simple. People hate her guts. They just can’t handle the honesty. She’s smart, outspoken and unapologetic. She won’t say it to your back but your face.

But how is that okay? Why can’t she just be stupid or go perm her hair or something?

Because that’s the very mentality she’s trying to erase. That’s how she leaves a mark on any woman trying to make it in life. That’s why the very bullies who attack her might secretly admire her. But she remained a proud “outsider”.

Kangana was made an outcast as she stood out.


She’s the perfect example of how one person can make a difference. Attention for kicks is not what she wants. She keeps marching ahead without ever looking back.

Every girl and woman can learn from her. A go-getter attitude is what it takes. And you can’t let anyone make you feel otherwise. You take what you deserve. No one else will give you that.

Being fearless will take you places, even to the very top. Think before you act. Own what you do. Stand up for your rights.


After all, you don’t demand respect. You command it. Like a boss.