There are two types of people in the world: nice people and everybody else. The former kind will always be smiling at everyone and you’ll never see them angry. They’ll cry with you when you cry and they’ll help you out if they can. They’ll always sweetly compliment everyone. They’ll even give people cash without asking questions. They’ll do anything to keep everyone happy because they just can’t stand the thought of anyone being mad at them.

So if you are one of these sweet darlings, you might be facing these troubles on a daily basis:

1. Your dictionary doesn’t have the word ‘no’. You end up doing other people’s work, on top of yours and mostly worked out!

2. And if by chance you do say no to someone, you keep wondering if that makes you a bad person.

3. Although, sarcastic comments make you go mad, all can do is sweetly smile back.

4. You never get to sit in public transport even if you’re damn tired, because you always give your seat to others.

5. You gulp down horrible food someone has offered you and also manage to compliment the cook.

6. People copy your assignments all the time and when your teacher accuses YOU of copying, you can’t say anything.

7. Rickshawallahs and autowallahs loot you daily. You pay them whatever they ask for, because…

8. You always end up hungry because you can’t stop yourself from sharing your food with people.

9. You’ve given treats to people for things as small as finding a lost pen because they expect you to.

10.You never get your stuff back from people, and you think it’s rude to keep reminding them to return it.

11. You are asked to pick up your friends, their friends and their friend’s friends from the airport/station all the time.

12. When you are invited for dinner, you help the hosts serve food and they make you clean up later on.

13. And finally, you assume everyone is as nice as you are and trust them. In the process, many a time, you end up being taken for a ride.

Actually, someone else had to write this article. But it was his girlfriend’s best friend’s birthday. So, I’m writing it for him.