Student Of The Year was not an ordinary movie. 

School students wearing Prada, carrying Gucci and driving Ferraris gave thousands of kids across the country goals to work towards. 

Hindustan Times

Karan Johar is not your regular director. 

I mean, in a country like India, which is struggling with low literacy rates and poor infrastructure, it takes some special amount of courage to show schools with interiors that seem straight out of a college in London. 

Kaustav Sarden

While I sit here hoping you get the sarcasm and trying to make sense of the movie’s plot (the struggle is real), the man has already announced the second installment of this box office hit. 

Karan tweeted a new poster of the movie, featuring Tiger Shroff, and also announced its release date: November 23, 2018. 

Twitter, unable to accept Tiger as a ‘student’, had some funny things to say.

Kuch toh gadbad hai.


As simple as that.

Cute banda lao, please.

Touchy topic.


So much has happened in these 6 years.

What a shame!

Yes, someone, please do. 

That’s the whole point, you know?

Those abs, though. 

Can’t wait to see the students of this year.