The phrase small dick energy was the talk of the town when Greta Thunberg mocked Andrew Tate for his problematic remarks. While we believe size doesn’t matter – a study has come to light that talks about the connection between small penises and sports cars!

Looks like researchers from University College London have attempted to prove the adage that a big car = a tiny weenie.

The Department of Experimental Psychology led by Daniel C. Richardson surveyed 200 men between ages 18 and 74 about their perceived penis size.  The study titled Small Penises and Fast Cars: Evidence for a Psychological Link manipulated men with false details about what the average penis size is and made them feel theirs was bigger or smaller than average.

The subject said ‘any truth to the cliche that a man driving an expensive sports car is compensating for his male inadequacy’.

We made male participants believe that they had a relatively small or large penis by giving them false information about the average size of other men.

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The study further explained “Other trials in the experiment manipulated self-esteem in different ways and measured ratings for other luxury products, but found no connection. As men aged past 29, the effect of penis size on the desire for sports cars grew stronger.”

The results said -“We found that males, and males over 30 in particular, rated sports cars as more desirable when they were made to feel that they had a small penis.

This was a discreet activity as the participants were bombarded with other information and there were ads interspersed with false data about penis size.

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