It's true that most of us have sacrificed a good night's sleep or a weekend plan over a show, especially when it's so easily available on online streaming platforms. 

And that perhaps explains the findings of a report which states that Indians binge-watch for over 8 hours a week. 

According to a “State of Online Video 2019” research report, conducted by Limelight Networks, there is a rise in online video streaming in India and the world in general. 

Binge watching data graph
Source: limelight

While the global average of binge-watching is 6 hours and 48 minutes (on a weekly basis), the Indian average is a little over 8 hours. 

Binge watching countrw-wise data graph
Source: Limelight

Additionally, there is also a 23% rise in binge-watching, in India, from last year. TV shows and News were the most popular content in India with movies coming next on the list. 

Thought smartphones emerged as the primary streaming device, the report stated that there is a gradual rise in the adoption of dedicated streaming devices (like Amazon Firestick). 

Source: resource mag

Ashwin Rao, the Director-Sales of Limelight Networks in India, also commented on the increased use of online streaming services. 

India is quickly opening up to the idea of online video streaming. This ongoing trend has been highlighted time and again by our State of Online Video studies over the years. Now, as data costs are further lowering and smartphone penetration increasing, people living even in the remotest of regions are coming under the fold of digital technology and services. 

Be right back, gotta contribute to raising the Indian average.