Movies can make us dream and in these dreams, we manage to escape reality for a brief amount of time in our life. However, these very movies are not flawless. No matter what amount of money or resources are put into it, there is always something that could go wrong and in many of our favourites, it has. 

We scoured the internet and found a list of 15 movies with glaring mistakes that never noticed. Here they are:

1. Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl had a scene where they forgot to remove a crew member from the shot. 


2. In Avengers, Captain America gets shot mid-battle, but his suit magically repairs itself in the last scene where Tony Stark is being saved.

3. Gladiator seemed to have been set in a period, where horse-driven chariots were propelled by gas cylinders.

4. Spider-Man, the first movie of the franchise, has a scene where Peter Parker breaks the lamp with his web shooters but the lamp is magically back in place in the next shot.

5. Avengers goofs up again when the arc reactor attached to Tony Stark’s chest goes off after Phil Coulson’s death. Hmmm… on second thought, maybe it went with Phil?

6. Braveheart has many mistakes, including historical inaccuracies. But the one that hits you in the face is a car in the background of a battle scene.

7. In Django Unchained, Django wears sunglasses throughout the movie. Sunglasses did not come to the US until 1929.

8. In Pulp fiction, there are bullet holes in the wall, before the shootout takes place.


9. In X-2 United, Charles Xavier and his fellow mutants deliver a blue file to the President, which changes to white in the next shot and then back to blue. 

10. Ocean’s Eleven saw Brad Pitt’s character is eating all the time. Even his wine glass turns into a plate of food in the same scene. 

11. In Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, Pippin, and Merry are captured by the Orcs. However, Pippin’s hands untie themselves magically, before he makes an escape. 

12. When the T-Rex gets loose in Jurassic Park, he starts off by throwing a goat’s leg at the car window. The leg, however, disappears in the next shot, without even leaving any bloodstains.

13. The Will Smith-starrer I am Legend, sees the protagonist get bitten by a zombie on his right shoulder. The bite mark, however, keeps on shifting shoulders in various shots. 

14. Hugh Jackman’s final portrayal of the Wolverine in Logan was perfect, except when he shoots Zander Rice. The clawed mutant uses his right hand to shoot him but the gun hand changes in the very next shot.

15. In Frozen, when Elsa lets her hair down, she lets it pass through her shoulders. That is some next level mutation. Watch it in slow motion here.


 16. The entire Harry Potter series depended on the fact that Harry’s eyes were the same as his mother Lily’s. However, in the movies, Harry’s eyes are blue and Lily has brown eyes.

17. In Lord of the Rings, Legolas, played by Orlando Bloom has brown eyes. Cut to The Hobbit trilogy, a younger Legolas happens to have blue eyes. 

Make no mistake, almost all movies on this list are works of genius but then again, to err is only human.