Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently made a comment on Dyslexia, that was meant to be a jibe at his political opponent (Rahul Gandhi) but ended up mocking the condition. His remarks have drawn flak, with people dissing the PM for making fun of the condition and for lowering the standards of political discourse. 

Dear Modi ji, Dyslexia is not a joke. And also not an impediment to success. 

Here is a reminder. 

Tom Cruise

Jay Leno

Source: Bank Rate

Steve Jobs

Source: IB Times

Keanu Reeves

Source: Telegraph

Keira Knightley

Source: Wiki

Salma Hayek

Source: Variety

Tommy Hilfiger

Source: Wikipedia

Jim Carrey

Source: Famous Biographies

Abhishek Bachhan

Source: Tribune

Jennifer Aniston

Source: Fox News

Richard Branson

Source: CNBC


Source: Billboard

Caitlyn Jenner

Muhammad Ali

John Lennon

Source: Grammy

Will Smith

Source: Postris

Channing Tatum

Mark Ruffalo

Source: Source

Steven Spielberg

Source: Variety

Orlando Bloom

Source: Urban Splatter

We should really think before we speak.