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Sucker For ‘Parampara Pratishtha Anushasan’? Take This 'Mohabbatein' Quiz Already

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This 2000 movie has been a millennial's favourite for years! You've loved it, cried while watching it and danced to every single 8-minute song. Now it's time to test how well you actually know Mohabbatein.

1. What is the opening scene of the film?

2. How many 'Tudu' does the chorus of Aankhein Khuli have? 

3. How long has Mr. Narayan Shankar been the principle of Gurukul?

4. Who does Kim Sharma aka Sanjana say, "Pyar mein sauda nahi hota" to? 

5. Where is Gurukul supposed to be in the film?

6. What is the name of Anupam Kher's character?

7. Who says the wise words, "Gurukul mein aaye ho toh padhna hi padega"?

8. Where is Aryan's 'shandaar' classroom?

9. Whose father does Amrish Puri play in the film?

10. Which song is this scene from?

11. How many songs did this movie have?

12. Who gets caught sneaking back into Gurukul by Narayan Shankar?

Do you think you can get them all right?


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