Indian TV shows are yet to catch up with basic sensitivity – which includes reality TV shows that always manage to cross the line. The Kapil Sharma Show is one example where the content is driven by ignorance and problematic practices. The show and the host have been called out, time and again, for sexist and body shaming remarks. And recently, Sumona Chakravarti opened up about feeling upset with such treatment.

The Kapil Sharma Show
The Indian Express

The actress is often subjected to ‘jokes’ about her mouth and lips, which is unnecessary and wrong. She mentioned that during a shoot, Kapil Sharma forgot his lines from the script and went on to improvise. So he started commenting on Sumona’s lips. Understandably, this upset her – and she added that Archana Puran Singh comforted her after the show.

“The initial days were a little challenging because I remember they made fun of my mouth.”

Sumona Chakravarti

Sumona Chakravarti also mentioned that she has come to terms with the script on the show, and the jokes. But it’s still appalling that insensitive remarks are passed off as jokes on a show on national television. Kapil Sharma is known to resort to comments that are problematic, misogynistic and even racist at times. But the show, its makes or the host are never really held accountable for it – we just normalize such behaviour by laughing at it, and celebrating the show.

The show needs to do better, he needs to be better.