In its third season of Where The Heart IsAsian Paints took a tour into Sunil and Sonam Chhetri’s home in the ‘garden city of India’, Bangalore. 

And this haven – away from city’s hustle and bustle – is where he kicks back after delivering those swift kicks on the field. 

After living in different houses throughout his career, ‘Captain Fantastic’ decided to finally build a ‘nest’ after marriage. The home he shares with his wife Sonam is exactly that – a nest where the two can rejuvenate, be their true selves and relax. 

My idea of home is to come back to a place where I can be myself. A lot is happening in my mind, but when I come home, I just feel peace. I just relax. And I love it – it gives me peace. 

The whole house – barring a large TV – has been carefully picked by his ‘friend of 15 years’, his wife Sonam. 

Something truly special about the house is how, both of them, have actually tried to incorporate the various gifts that they’ve received from friends for housewarming. It’s not ‘planned’ but it’s warm and inviting. 

A bedroom with a walk-in closet overlooks their gorgeous deck – the place they often sit at, sipping coffee, preparing for their day. 

While the walk-in closet is Sonam’s favourite part of the house, for Sunil Chhetri it’s his home office – a place he spends most of his time in. 

The office’s shelf boasts a collection of all his trophies, including the most unexpected one (for him) – the ‘Golden Tweet’ for the most liked and retweeted tweet. 

And while his home office is dedicated to both, football and other interests, his greatest honor is being Indian football team’s captain. 

To be the national captain of the Indian football team is a dream. There are so many who have dreamt of it. So many who are dreaming of it. I am living the dream. 

The house – that mixes woodwork and shades of white – is a representation of the warmth and companionship that Sunil and Sonam share.  

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